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Company Profile

ForeverLawn Minnesota Inc, has been in the synthetic turf industry since 2003. We at ForeverLawn have seen the turf industry and technology grow exponentially since. We strive to not only be ahead of the curve but define it!

We offer a premium-backed product that allows for less infill and no sand, because of its dimensional stability. This means no rubber infill fly out, or premature wear from sand infill.

K9Grass is still an industry stand-alone, with a knitted-backing, and antimicrobial, non-infill turf allows for pet waste to be directed into the ground, instead of being filter though a non-pervious geo-textile type backing.

Our Playground Grass products continue to see innovation with our industry-first, Xtatic technology built in to the turf, tested using instruments on actual playgrounds. Xtatic will help to eliminate static issues without ongoing treatments. FLMN is IPEMA-certified, and CPSI. Our Playground Grass systems meet ASTM standard for HIC, and ADA requirements.

ForeverLawn was founded on Christian values, and integrity is the backbone of our company. We feel the frustration of trying to grow grass in certain areas and have felt that our products are specifically matched to your needs. We have also found it is possible to turn an unusable space into an area that still has the realism of grass, with a cleanable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing topography.

From ForeverLawn’s infancy, we strove for the “I can’t believe that’s turf” reaction; and that’s exactly what we have in our product.



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