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Why do ForeverLawn products cost more than run of the mill turf from internet wholesalers?

Our products are the highest quality; from the backing to the yarn, they are made in the USA!

Why doesn’t ForeverLawn Minnesota stock turf?

We try to eliminate overhead costs to provide you with the highest quality turf available, for a reasonable price. Turf is custom ordered and shipped from the manufacturer. In turn you are only paying for shipping, not storage or warehousing personnel. Some companies may not charge for shipping but we assure you they build in those costs, as no turf is manufactured in the Midwest.

Can I install ForeverLawn products myself?

Self-installation is a great way to “have your cake and eat it, too”. Why not upgrade to a high quality ForeverLawn product with the money you will be saving! We will provide you with instructions, materials, and guidance to have a quality installation you can call your own.

Does ForeverLawn Minnesota have less expensive options?

We do sell run-of-the-mill type products, if price is more of a concern over quality.



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